Enjoy Your Full Day on the Beach in Barcelona

Barcelona has become an amazing world-class city with the incredible architecture, culture, and the most popular football team. Everyday, there are so many travelers that visit in this wonderful place. They go around the famous building. Unfortunately, Barcelona still has a secret of place to enjoy your vacation.  It is a non stop beach resort activity.
Barcelona beach
In the beach you can waste your full day with several fun activities. At 6 p.m. you can break the waves by getting out on the open water. Some companies deliver harbor and coastal tours. It will bring a fresh adventure. Most tours are 40 to 90 minutes, but almost all depart from the harbor directly in front of the statue of Columbus at the spot where the Rambla meets the port. Two tour companies such as Las Golondrinas and Orsom have the most daily departures, with adult fares from 15 to 20 euros for a 90-minute tour, or $20 to $27, at $1.34 to the euro. It offers the best cruising to begin your day. You might be hungry after that, but don’t worry because the paella is already to eat at 9 p.m. Start off with delicious red prawns sautéed with garlic, parsley, and a traditional deep-fried potato croquette filled with savory beef. The price is around 80 euros for couple. In to the midnight, Zahara cocktail lounge perfectly exudes the vibe of a beach-town bar with a casual South Beach-in-the-’90s and the high quality of wind down with a cocktail out on the terrace. You can make party until morning or go to sleep.
Barcelona beach In the morning, taste a fruit and juice in the edge of Sant Miquel beach. It also serves simple breakfast fare such as croissants, pan tumaca, and muesli. You can pay 20 euros for two persons. After that, it is time to stay dry underwater. Anyone get the sun for spell. Then, start with the city aquarium, which takes only 30 to 45 minutes to visit and requires little effort as you stand on a conveyor belt that winds through glass tunnels beneath stingrays and sharks swirling in the waters above. It is just 20 euros for adults. Another place, take the historical experience in the old royal shipyard Passeig de Colom and the Santa Eulalia. At the afternoon, feel the greatest lunch in Xiringuito Escriba where is a restaurant that offers tender octopus dusted with pimentón, grilled razor clams, tangy lime, cilantro ceviche, and some of the best guacamole. The price is starting at 80 euros. 

La Mar Bella is available to receive your next trip. It is an outstanding spot for young that is completed with two outdoor gyms and a small skate park nearby. As day turns to evening, sangria and cocktails (18 euros for a pitcher) replace the protein shakes (5.50 euros) turning up on most tables. Run by Tragaluz, the Barcelona restaurant to try the burger or an unexpectedly delicious salad of artichokes, celery, tomatoes and ribbons of a buttery manchego cheese. Dinner for two with drinks is 100 euros.  For the rest, you can spend the night to the W Hotel. Take the elevator to the 26th-floor bar where the city celebrates some of its biggest parties and premieres overlooking the endless Mediterranean horizon. That is all the luxury Barcelona as a city with the amazing beach and full day activities.

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