Raja Ampat with Uncountable Great Creature


Amazingtourtravel.com-Indonesia is big country with its happiness, beautiful, nature, language, and culture. By looking many things in Indonesia it means that people enjoy the great creature. Talking about nature in Indonesia, Indonesia has more than million beautiful beaches and mountains.

Beach is the first choice to visit to explore people’s mind, and it is in Indonesia. In Indonesia there is a beach which is located in West Papua. People all over the world know it.

 Raja Ampat with beautiful underwater view always catch people’s eyes. For people who love snorkeling or diving, fishing, sailing, even hunting traditional food of Raja Ampat. It can be good holiday destination.

Raja Ampat has amazing underwater.  There are 573 coral species and 699 other unique underwater animals. When you are diving, there is a professional guide who will take care of you and safety diving

Raja Ampat is one of amazing Indonesia tourist destination objects. Because, besides the beautiful of its underwater, Raja Ampat has other potential like beautiful mountain, unique stones, rare plant species, event antique restaurants.

People can enjoy elite restaurants with Raja Ampat’s traditional foods, enjoying sunset with seafood and beautiful waves, relaxing your mind in luxury villas.  Because of that, it will be the right choice if you choose Raja Ampat as your main holiday destination. Your holiday will be greater and happier.

Raja Ampat with Uncountable Great Creature | tripworld | 4.5